Serial Splitter

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Serial Splitter 5.0.125


Eltima Software

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Networking and Admin

Serial Splitter is a small application that can split a real port
into several virtual ports, join real ports into one virtual, and
redirect the serial data from a real port to another real or virtual
port. The application also makes it possible to share one real serial
port among several applications, so that they receive the same data
from one serial port simultaneously. Also it is possible to join
several ports under one name and let applications switch among those
that are free.

Key features include:

  • One-to-many ports connection.
  • Many-to-one ports connection.
  • Many-to-many ports connection.
  • Port switcher.

Serial Splitter splits real COM port into multiple virtual COM ports
is such a way that each of them behaves exactly like the original port
and has the same name. All virtual ports receive the same data as the
original port simultaneously. In this way Serial Splitter lets a single
serial device work with multiple programs at the same time.

With Serial Splitter it is also possible to redirect all data from a
real serial port to another real or virtual serial port. This can be
helpful, if you use software that has strict serial-port settings, as
you won’t need to modify those settings; just redirect the data traffic
to it.

Serial Splitter is a handy tool for creating complex bundles of real
and virtual COM ports.

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