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Face Secret Master for Android

✨ Do you know your face shape telling your face story? The face tells the secret of your health, your love, your wealth, your characteristics, your ethnicity, your beauty, etc.
✨ Face Secret Master embraces the latest face detection technology, which combines professional machine learning and powerful artificial intelligence to pursuit the accuracy of facial analysis results.
✨ Base on the latest face detection technology, we provide you with a customized report to help you deeply understand your personalities, your relationship, and your future. What you need to do is upload your photo.


What will your face look like when you’re 50, 70 or even 90 years old?

Want to know your beauty index today? You can get a detailed report after taking a photo. Also, the face report includes health, love, fortune, work index, and suggestions.

Have you ever imagined what you will look like in the male version or in the female version?

Want to know what your future baby looks like? Will your baby be more like you or your lover? Come and try!

What if you get an exotic look? We will show you the different face look in different origins, such as Native American, Ancient Egyptian, Indian.

Your facial features reveal your ethnicity. You may have different bloodlines hidden in your body. Check here!

When will you meet your Mr. Right? What is your face telling about your marriage, baby, career, fortune, or happiness?

Have some fun with your friends and find out who is more beautiful. Get the result now!

Should you ask your ideal one out? Is it hard to make your decisions? Gain some guidance here.

Show you what you should pay attention to when you’re in a relationship with different zodiac signs.

Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly horoscope — tell you your Love, health, career.

Check zodiac compatibility, maybe you will get something surprised!

What color should you wear today? What's your lucky number today? Check your luck here!

Characteristic, love, family, health… Articles on all aspects of life are supplied. Read and know more about you and your future.

💡All zodiac signs horoscope:💡
♈Aries (3/21 - 4/19)
♉Taurus (4/20 - 5/20)
♊Gemini (5/21 - 6/21)
♋Cancer (6/22 - 7/22)
♌Leo (7/23 - 8/22)
♍Virgo (8/23 - 9/22)
♎Libra (9/23 - 10/22)
♏Scorpio (10/23 - 11/22)
♐Sagittarius (11/23 - 12/21)
♑Capricorn (12/22 - 1/19)
♒Aquarius (1/20 -2/18)
♓Pisces (2/19 - 3/20)

Our reports have some summarized information for certain groups of people but each individual is unique. You are always the one who defines your own life. Download it and gain guidance. Enjoy your journey!

Privacy Policy: http://bit.ly/2SQleBa
All your information is secure with us. For any suggestions, please contact us via facesecretmaster@gmail.com.

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    Android 4.3+


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