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  • Practical Leadership Lessons

    By Optimist in Flow
    Useful ideas well expressed, it was a great read and a mind shifter for life! If you have problems, take ownership for your life!
  • Amazing for leaders!

    By brenle
    Amazing and must read for anyone wanting to be a true leader!!
  • Great read for those in Construction

    By ACE 135
    I am in the construction industry and I have already applied a lot of the techniques in this book. It has made my team closer and more motivated than ever before! Highly recommend!
  • Must read!

    By Scalinni
    Great insights into yourself and managing a team as well as personal development.
  • Where ever, when ever

    By JLR2023
    I found so much value in reading this book. It has given useful tools for my personal growth as a leader and vision of being part of a team. I have started to take the principles of this book and apply it every where I can in my life. This is a great book and it really demonstrates the core principle of only being able to change yourself before your able to lead others.
  • Great Stories

    By Anewguy
    I liked the stories that really helped understand and set home the points. Just felt like it may of missed out on some content or more stories to really bring home the point. Book seemed rushed.
  • Inspiring

    By Madcat518
    Great insights and applicable concepts to lead and influence a team. Clear and precise principles that are proven. Love reading about the tribulations in the battlefield that are applied to leadership in the safe confines of business world.
  • Solid

    By AndySpenceMac
    A solid book on leadership. I came in a bit skeptical, but was thoroughly surprised by the fundamental principles laid down. And while not anything particularly new, a good reminder that leadership doesn’t require the latest novel anthropology studies or psychology research, but committed individuals with intestinal fortitude to do what’s right.
  • Great Book

    By EdMoon
    Love it. Easy to understand, great examples. This book should be on every entrepreneur list.
  • Great read for a developing leader

    By ccw-86
    Useful and practical information that’s explained in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to one’s own situation. I also found it to be quite enjoyable and informational in regards to the US’s presence in Ramadi.